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During 2005, approximately 7.9% of the drug/alcohol admissions to treatment facilities in the U.S. involved individuals ages 17 and younger.

Coalition History

As the Owensboro-Daviess County Champions Coalition, Community Solutions for Substance Abuse (CSSA), began meeting in January 2001, formally organized itself with a board, mission statement, purpose and bylaws and established its 501(c)3 status in June of 2002. Subsequently, the coalition has developed an annually reviewed strategic plan, formalized board member job descriptions and responsibilities, established committees and task forces, developed partnerships with prevention and treatment providers and numerous other human and legal service agencies, businesses and individuals. Through a variety of collaborations and partnerships with individuals, current providers, shelters, school systems, medical and faith communities, CSSA continues to address substance abuse issues through education, community awareness, technical assistance and coordination of ongoing collaborations. Since the coalition's inception, local agencies, shelters and service providers, as well as interested and affected individuals and their families have been invited and encouraged to become an active part of this coalition's activities.

CSSA partners to increase science-based curriculum in schools and other venues, advocates for a community-wide comprehensive plan, and has facilitated/coordinated the formation of a treatment providers association. In 2005, CSSA received the Robert Straus Award from the Kentucky School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies in recognition of outstanding services in the field of substance abuse, community organization/business in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In 2006, CSSA partnered with Audubon Area Community Services in an attempt to reduce its overhead and sustain its work-in-progress. Unfortunately, the coalition was not able to secure adequate cash flow to insure salary and benefits for the Director position and the coalition became a totally volunteer organization until October, 2007. At that time, CSSA was able to secure additional funding and hired the current Executive Director.